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MARCH 25, 2016 Release Number: 16-127

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced today that Gree Electric Appliances Inc., of Zhuhai, China; Hong Kong Gree Electric Appliances Sales Co. Ltd., of Hong Kong; and Gree USA Sales Ltd., of City of Industry, Calif., have agreed to pay a $15.45 million civil penalty to the government.

The penalty settles charges that Gree:

  • knowingly failed to report a defect and unreasonable risk of serious injury to CPSC immediately (within 24 hours) with dehumidifiers sold under 13 different brand names, including Frigidaire, GE, Gree, Kenmore and Soleus Air, as required by federal law;
  • knowingly made misrepresentations to CPSC staff during its investigation; and
  • sold dehumidifiers bearing the UL safety certification mark knowing that the dehumidifiers did not meet UL flammability standards.


Barber v. State

Georgia Court of Appeals, Criminal Case (10/26/2012, 11/5/2012) A12A1624

CRIMINAL PRACTICE: Arson, Accident, Jury Charges, Intent, Insurance Fraud

Alert: The statute defining first degree arson, OCGA § 16-7-60 (a) (3), does not require that the accused set the fire with the intent to defraud the insurer, only that the accused knowingly damage[d] by fire or explosive any insured dwelling without the insured's consent.

Headnote: The Court of Appeals affirmed Kelvin D. Barber Jr.'s conviction for first degree arson, as the evidence supported it.  The Court held that the trial court did not erred in failing to charge the jury on Barber's sole defense of accident.  Barber argued that he did not have the requisite intent under OCGA § 16-7-60 (a) (3) because he set the fire in order to commit suicide, not to burn or damage the house or cause loss to the insurer.  He further argued that the evidence was insufficient to show that he set the fire knowing it would spread to or cause damage to other parts of the house.  But the Court explained that § 16-7-60 (a) (3) does not require that the accused set the fire with the intent to defraud the insurer, only that the accused knowingly damage[d] any insured dwelling without the insured's consent by fire or explosive.  Here, the evidence, including Barber's statement to the fire investigators, showed that Barber: poured gasoline and lighter fluid throughout the house and garage, and not just on his person, ripped up books and papers and spread them throughout the upper levels of the house as well, and told investigators that he intended for the house to burn, in addition to the vehicle he was inside.  Barber also argued that the trial court should have charged the jury on his sole defense of accident, arguing that there was at least slight evidence to warrant the charge.  But the Court found that the trial court's charge, given pursuant to Barber's request at trial, included the accident theory of defense.

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From Out of the Abyss...

This week's article is from the June 1950 Vol V, No. 5 issue of the California Conference of Arson Investigators newsletter and was written by Lowell W. Bradford.

Physical Evidence Aspects of Fire Investigation


Bugatti is recalling certain model year 2006-208 Veyron vehicles manufactured October 3, 2006, to December 22, 2006. In the affected vehicles, the positive battery (B+) cable and the connection to the alternator may corrode.


The corrosion may result in the battery positive cable overheating, increasing the risk of a fire.

Click here for details.


This recall involves Ryobi 40-Volt Brushless Snow Blowers. Item number RY40802 is printed on the data label on the back of the blowers. The snow blowers are black and green with two LED lights located on the front of the unit and are approximately 22 inches wide by 43 inches tall. “RYOBI” is printed on the front of the snow blowers. The models included in this recall are RY40802, RY40802A and RY40822. The model numbers are printed on the packaging. “40 V” is printed on each side of the snow blowers.

Go to CPSC for more details.


Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC (Jaguar) is recalling certain model year 2010 Jaguar XF vehicles manufactured December 17, 2008, to April 15, 2009. The affected vehicles have a fuel tank with an outlet flange that may crack, allowing fuel to leak onto the ground.


A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source may increase the risk of a fire.

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President's Message

Dale Feb, President CCAI 2016

From the desk of CCAI President Dale Feb


My fellow members,

As I take office, I would like to thank you for your support and trust through the years.  I serve this organization in appreciation for all the experience I have gained by attending these conferences and having the opportunity to sit down and share information with some of the most experienced investigators in the industry.  The value of this professional training and friendship is truly priceless.  It is my desire to continue this tradition of service and bring the best education possible to our members through the Roundtable meetings and Training Seminars.

However, this cannot be done by one man.  The president may have to make some important decisions, but it is the Board, Committee Members and Volunteers that make this happen.  I am grateful to be surrounded by so many extraordinary individuals, and I thank them for their incredible service to our association.  I look forward to another fantastic year with some great education.  I invite your participation within your association.  Please feel free to contact me directly or any member of the Board.  We look forward to working with anyone who has a desire to serve.

This letter follows our March Conference and our largest training experience ever.  It was truly amazing that we packed professional training on electrical, spontaneous combustion, Molotov cocktails, flammable liquids, fire patterns recognition, fire progression and much more into one day.  We managed to burn four buildings at Camp San Luis Obispo, and not only did we benefit our members with this training, but we saved the tax payers approximately 1.5 million dollars.  The cost to demolish a single building and depose of the debris out-of-state to an approved dumpsite is over $400,000 per building.  We were given the opportunity to burn these buildings at a cost to the Military Base of only $30,000 per building.  On top of all that, we offered the opportunity for Cal Fire to gain additional experience on structure fire suppression.  These relationships are strong, and we will continue to serve our members with hands-on live fire investigation training.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the Board of Directors, Committee members, Roundtable Coordinators, and volunteers for their great work in San Luis Obispo.  I would also like to thank the office staff for allowing us to focus on our training and providing the necessary support to make this all happen.  If it was not for Mr. Fee, April and Pam, we would never have been able to pull this conference off.


Dale W. Feb
CCAI President
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